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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

We offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), counselling and psychotherapy within both our Harley Street London and central Manchester clinic.

We also offer a 24/7 counselling helpline and employee assistance programme with a nationwide network of counsellors.

All our occupational health service counsellors are highly qualified, experienced and carefully selected. They work closely with our medical teams so that a medical opinion or prescription can be provided where required.

How Long is Each CBT Treatment?

CBT, EMDR and personal development sessions all last for 50 minutes. Courses of treatment are between 5 and 20 sessions.

CBT treatment is very helpful in dealing with issues including Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

CBT for businesses includes stress management, communication skills, presentation anxiety management and work place development.

CBT treatment for personal development focuses on life planning, problem solving, confidence and satisfaction.

Counselling and Psychodynamic Psychoherapy

The psychodynamic approach is not solution-focused in the way that CBT is. Instead, it provides a safe and healthy setting where the individual is assisted in understanding themselves and factors affecting how they feel.

Psychodynamic therapy and counselling are helpful with long-standing issues and with personal development. Through this they can assist with addictive issues including drugs and alcohol and with relationship issues.

For more information on cognitive behavioural therapy, our occupational health services, Counselling or Therapy, call us on 0844 257 0346.

Call us on: 0844 257 0346
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"Just a quick note to share how impressed my wife and I were with the level of service we experienced with Dr Heidari and with the Doctorcall team. My 20 month old son was suffering from dangerously high temperature and from call to treatment about 60 minutes elapsed. The boy is now sleeping soundly and because of all of you we will as well."
Emilio Garcia and family
Doctorcall emergency doctor
"Thanks so much Doctorcall & Dr Antonia Petreanu.

Thank you for administering all my holiday injections painlessly and efficiently over the past 6 months."
Private GP
"City Physio has close affiliations with the Northern Ballet School in Manchester, The Centre for Advanced Teaching in Dance at the Lowry and Company Chameleon Dance company. We frequently assess and screen their dancers, delivering both group lectures and personalised exercises to help minimise their dancers risks of injury."
Emergency doctor
"Thank you for your prompt service last night. The doctor was lovely and very patient. A wonderful service."
Private GP London
"Just wanted to thank you how you helped my daughter today. My daughter and I are 13 flight hours separated so finding you when she was so sick gave me a great peace of mind."
"I would like to leave a feedback for your office and especially for the DR Sheehan. My daughter got the visit of DR Sheehan last Saturday at her home. As I live abroad my daughter whose a student in London lives alone I was quite worried. I was amazed by your service overall, quick response, very well organized and dedicated. Also I am astonished by DR Sheehan, he has been very helpful, very quick at replying to my couple emails and very thorough in his explanation, he really provided an outstanding service. I would highly recommend your services and DR Sheehan in the future."
Jema Viot
Private GP Manchester
"Good morning Michelle,

On behalf of my husband and myself, I would like to thank you for your prompt attention to our enquiry, very much appreciated. Thank you also for the Doctor's Report. Once again, many thanks for the expedience of our request and Dr. Sheenan was very thorough and professional."