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Occupational Health

Your staff are a valuable asset and their health and welfare are of paramount importance. Good occupational health services (such as those available from Doctorcall) will bring you and your company a range of important benefits.

Our occupational health services can help you:

  • Reduce absence
  • Sustain and increase productivity
  • Cut the cost of recruitment and training
  • Reduce stress
  • Maintain excellent customer service
  • Meet your legal requirements and reduce the possibility of legal action against you
  • Show your workforce that you are a caring employer, which can help to improve motivation and goodwill

Most importantly of all, our occupational health service can help you increase profits – which means the occupational health service can more than pay for itself.

Occupational Health services from Doctorcall



Night Worker Medicals

The European Working Time Directive dictates that night workers should be offered regular medical checks by their employers. Doctorcall pioneered the provision of these through an occupational health questionnaire, with anyone whose questionnaire suggested an adverse risk factor being referred on to their own GP or our occupational health team for a follow-up.

Our night work assessments are carefully thought out by our occupational health team to cover the issues important to night workers, including lone worker issues and conditions that require regular medication to be taken at specific times. We screen our  questionnaires independently, maintaining confidentiality and referring as appropriate. We will provide certificates and advise you when there is a risk you need to know about.

Health Screening

Preventative medicine is recognised as the way in which healthcare will have most impact on our lives in the future. As part of our occupational health service, general health screening is designed to:

  • Identify potentially serious diseases early
  • Provide health education leading to improvements in lifestyle and work practice
  • Provide baseline results for future reference

Providing a health screening service for your workforce will keep them healthy, demonstrate duty of care and makes your staff feel valued. An active occupational health service can be a valuable tool in staff recruitment and retention. We offer a variety of health screens, ranging from our Platinum Health Screen to our Health Essentials Screen. We also offer customised health screens which can be delivered in one of our clinics or on-site at your premises. In all our screens we provide a full written report. We also provide workshops and road shows for staff where required.

Doctorcall Health Screens routinely include:

  • Cholesterol and plasma lipid levels
  • Testing for diabetes
  • Testing for anaemia and blood dyscrasias
  • ECG (resting or exercise) and cardiac risk assessment
  • Lung function testing
  • Visual assessment
  • Audiometry (hearing assessment)

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

In safety-sensitive industries, it may be necessary to prove that your workforce is free of drugs and alcohol. As part of our occupational health service, we give expert advice in relation to drugs and alcohol, and provide random or general screening using accepted chain of custody protocols. We also provide a rapid response service where required. The ability to deal effectively with an employee who appears to be "under the influence" at work is important in any employment situation and essential in jobs involving machinery or transportation.

Employee Screening

Screening employees for medical conditions which could affect their jobs is useful both for the employee and the employer. You issue your applicant with an email (provided by us) containing a link to our secure site where they can fill out a questionnaire. For workers who cannot access a computer, we provide you with paper questionnaires and business-reply envelopes to return to our occupational health team. We will then follow up with your employee as necessary. All our reporting is governed by pre-agreed time-lines to prevent recruitment delays. We obtain any information required from the applicant’s GP directly, and we provide management information and efficient tracking of your cases.

Management Referrals

Both short-term sickness absence and long-term sick leave are costly, disruptive and stressful. In many cases, the GP does not provide adequate information making it difficult to plan an appropriate course of action. Our occupational health service provides practical advice and solutions as well as expert reports. We have many years of experience in providing occupational health support and we have a team of Occupational Health Advisors, Physicians, GPs, Physiotherapists and Cognitive Behavioural Therapists (CBTs) who are able to understand your company's needs.

Our advice and recommendations cover prognosis. return-to-work schedules, reasonable adaptations, risk assessments and the Disability Discrimation Act (DDA). Good case management can help to defuse significant employment issues. Employee consent is an increasingly complex issue which we are familiar with.

Work Related Medicals & Specialised Health Screening

Our occupational health team offers the full range of specialist and industry-specific tests, vaccinations and inoculations, including trace element testing, lung function testing, audiometry, vaccination for hepatitis and infectious diseases and checking immunity levels.

Further tests available through our occupational health service include:

  • Hand & Arm vibration assessments (Tier 1& 2 for vibration white finger and referral for Tier 3 & 4)
  • Oil and Gas Sector medicals (UKOOA)
  • COSHH Assessments when employees are working with substances such as isocyanates, soldering flux, lead and asbestos
  • Occupational drivers - fork lift truck drivers, LGV/HGV drivers, taxi drivers
  • Respiratory sensitizers or skin irritants
  • Functional capacity tests with an Occupational Health Physiotherapist
  • Night workers assessments
  • Working at height medicals
  • Appointed doctor medicals
  • Risk assessments - new and expectant mothers, young persons, disabled workers, night workers, display screen equipment users, manual handling of loads


Employee Assistance Programmes

Our Employee Assistance Programme provides employees and family members with access to confidential assistance for mental health issues and financial or legal problems. These can adversely affect relationships, home life and conduct, with knock-on effects on attendance and attitude at work. Frequent absences due to personal problems can generate resentment among fellow workers as well as being disruptive.

Employee Private GP Membership Schemes

Our GP Membership Scheme allows free, fast, and confidential access to our clinics for your employees. Sickness absence is a real cost and leads to cancelled meetings and missed deadlines with knock-on effects on other staff. A high proportion is due to delay in obtaining simple treatment and our GP Membership scheme is designed to address this.

Because staff can attend free of charge, there is no delay pending approval and no issues around confidentiality. Our clinic membership schemes are also excellent for morale and for recruitment and retention. They are often appreciated more by staff than private medical insurance (PMI) despite being a fraction of the cost. Some employers use our occupational health service to offer membership to all staff; others focus on key roles. Services included in the cost of an annual subscription are:

  • Unlimited consultations at a Doctorcall clinic
  • Basic medication
  • Free referrals

We are conveniently located at 121 Harley Street, London and St Ann's Square, Manchester, where we operate fully-equipped medical clinics for our private GP and occupational health service.

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Travel Vaccinations

Whether you have large numbers of business travellers, or want to protect your business against an outbreak of flu, we have expertise in protecting your staff through our private GP and occupational health services.

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Flu Vaccinations

Doctorcall is the longest-established provider of annual flu jabs in the workplace and can provide pandemic planning and influenza contingency plans as part of your disaster recovery programme linked in to your occupational health programme. Our occupational health service provides advice and materials including practical advice on influenza protection and antiviral medication including oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza). We have considerable expertise in planning for medical pandemics including swine flu (H1N1) and avian flu (bird flu, H5N1).

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CAA Cabin Crew Medicals

We can provide cabin crew medical assessments in accordance with CAA guidelines. Our doctors are recognised by the CAA and can provide the report necessary to pass to the airline or employer in order to continue working.

Doctorcall can provide these assessments quickly and efficiently, as in the vast majority of cases there is no need for the crew member to attend the clinic. By simply completing a confidential online questionnaire the assessments can be conducted remotely.

If more information is required we can call you or, if necessary, arrange for you to come to our clinic in central Manchester for a consultation with a doctor.

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Oil & Gas (and other Specialist Medicals)

A comprehensive range of standard testing is available. We can also provide additional testing if required. Oil and gas medical assessments are available at a variety of clinic locations, and often at short notice.

One of the most popular medicals we offer is the OGUK offshore medical. these are available in both our London and Manchester clinics.

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