London Taxi and Private Hire Medical through Uber Ignition


As part of your application to become a private hire driver, you must prove your fitness by undergoing a medical examination with a doctor. You can arrange for a Private Hire Medical with Doctorcall at the UBER Ignition Centre, 31 St James' Square, London, SW1Y 4JJ

Private Hire Medicals cost £50

Doctorcall run Private Hire Medicals at the Uber Ignition Centre every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 14:00 to 17:00.

Can’t I get this free with my NHS GP?

No – NHS practices can offer this medical but they must charge you a fee. 

What to bring to your Private Hire Medical

You must bring all of the following with you to your Medical. The doctor will not be able to complete the medical without all of these items.

  • Photo ID
  • A copy of your Medical Summary Record
  • Your driving glasses/contact lenses & current prescription
  • Full details of any ongoing medical conditions plus any medication you are taking
  • TPH/204 Medical Declaration Form with sections A, B and C completed.

You must arrive 20 minutes before the start of your appointment to allow time to check your documentation before seeing the doctor.

To book a driver medical, use the form at the top of the page.

How do I get a copy of my Medical Summary Record?

Contact your GP practice and they will print a copy for you. You do not need an appointment with your GP, simply request a copy from the reception staff. It is normally provided free of charge although some practices may charge a small fee for printing.

What does the medical examination involve?

You should already have filled out sections A, B and C of the TPH/204 medical form before you arrive. The consultation with the doctor should only take 15 minutes.  You will be asked questions about your medical history and current health, perform an eye test and have your blood pressure checked.  Based on your answers and the results of the tests the doctor will advise you as to whether you meet the required medical standard.  The remainder of the form will be completed, signed and stamped by the doctor.

Before attending, please download and complete the London Taxi and Private Hire TPH/204 Medical Declaration form and bring it with you to the medical.

Special Conditions

As a prospective Uber partner driver who purchases the Product (as defined in the Doctorcall Full Terms and Conditions), you acknowledge and agree that: (i) Uber B.V., its affiliates and/or related third parties, employees, contractors, agents and representatives (“Uber”) are not the provider of the Product, that you purchase the Product directly from Doctorcall in accordance with their Full Terms and Conditions and Uber are not liable for any losses arising from your purchase of the Product; (ii) purchasing this Product from Doctorcall in no way obliges you to, or guarantees you will be able to obtain a private hire licence or partner with Uber; (iii) Uber may directly or indirectly receive your personal data or other information provided by you to Doctorcall while assisting you in booking the Product or attending your appointment; and (iv) you release Uber from all liability, responsibility, costs and damages which might arise from in relation to the booking the Product or attending your appointment.

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