Private GP Membership

An employee benefit that is valuable to employers and valued by staff

Reducing Absenteeism with unlimited appointments

Short-term sickness absence whilst waiting for a GP appointment, and time out of work to attend an appointment near the employee’s home, represent the main cause of unplanned absence. Doctorcall's private GP services are designed to target this.

Benefiting Recruitment & Retention

As an employee benefit, private GP membership us highly valued by employees, especially by a young workforce who are often less interested in Private Medical Insurance (PMI).

As well as being highly valued by staff, many companies find that, once employees have the benefit of a membership scheme, it is also good for recruitment and retention.

A number of companies use Doctorcall’s clinic membership as a less expensive and more popular alternative to PMI, while others use it as an adjunct to PMI in order to assist in accessing specialist care.


For employees, a key benefit of the Doctorcall GP membership scheme is that it is free at the point of delivery, which means that there is no delay pending company approval.

Since arrangements are made at a local clinic and same day appointments are generally available, it provides rapid treatment with minimal disruption.

As appointments are arranged directly with our private GP clinic, staff concerns around confidentiality are alleviated and utilisation is improved, meaning that illness is more likely to be dealt with at an early stage.

By reducing time taken off work by staff to see their own GP, the scheme can help maintain business continuity and productivity.

Summary of Employee Benefits

Doctorcall’s GP Clinic Membership scheme offers staff direct access to urgent medical treatment at a conveniently located private clinic for as little as £2.79 per week.

Each member will receive for an annual subscription:

  • Unlimited private GP consultations
  • Basic medication
  • Access to our extensive specialist referral network

In addition to the above, we can include extra services at additional cost, such as:

  • Health screens
  • Vaccinations
  • Home visits where available


Membership provides a low-cost alternative to running an in-house daily GP clinic which is only viable for extremely large companies.

Additionally membership provides more appointment flexibility and less employee concern around confidentiality than an in-house clinic.

Membership fees are from £145 per person per annum which is equivalent to £2.79 per week.

The scheme also allows for family members to be included if desired.

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