Visiting Doctor Membership

Doctorcall membership is designed to provide peace of mind that you have medical cover if you need it.  You can rest assured that medical cover is in place.

Members can book a home or office visit at short notice 24/7 thoughout London.  Our member’s visit fee is designed to provide a cost-effective solution to your health needs.  Our members find us invaluable for:

  • Routine healthcare requirements
  • Prompt visits for urgent problems
  • Telephone advice for simple matters or if you are not in our visiting area.  If the doctor recommends a home visit as a result, the cost of the telephone consultation is deducted from the visit fee, so you don’t pay twice.
  • We give free membership to the children of members up to the age of 16 years.


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Members can book Doctorcall clinic appointments online at a significant discount to standard prices

Membership provides you with medical cover when you need it, with a rapid and efficient route to the top hospitals and medical experts when required and with cost-effective healthcare either at home or in clinic.  

Doctorcall membership costs £20 a month, a fraction of the cost of private medical insurance.  Members are able to access our home visits quickly and easily using our App.  When you book you will see the fee and the estimated time of arrival of the doctor, or you can book for a time in the future.  You will enjoy a massive 30% discount on our fees for the following core services:

  • Doctor home visits and telephone consultations
  • GP clinic appointments
  • Health screens and check ups.

You will be a member of our Doctorcall family; whichever of our services you access, your records will be available to your doctor.  We will offer you seasonal health promotions as appropriate.

Please note that when you book your own appointment, you should be mindful that certain situations require a blue-light ambulance rather than waiting for a GP to visit you.  These include a possible heart attack or stroke, significant blood loss or loss of consciousness.  

We hope you enjoy our service and look forward to seeing you.

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