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Flu Vaccination FAQs

Why should I have a flu vaccination?

The annual flu vaccination is the most cost effective way of helping prevent sickness within your company during the winter months. In terms of cost it pails into insignificance against the cost of an employee being absent from work, even for a day. Flu vaccinations are the most cost effective method of protecting your staff and business from the annual on-set of flu. In January 2011 a large swathes of businesses were affected by an H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak which caused major problems and found themselves in a difficult situation whereby they were unable to cope due to workload staff shortages. The vaccine, as recommended by the World Health Organisation, will contain a strain to combat H1N1 as well as the other current strains of flu.

Can I have the flu vaccination if I'm pregnant?

We can vaccinate pregant women if you're in the second or third trimester

How long does it take to have a flu vaccination

We can vaccinate between 16 and 20 people per hour. More people can be vaccinated with an organised schedule. To help, Doctorcall can provide an online booking system where each individual can choose a time slot to see the nurse meaning less time waiting around and more time at work.

Private individuals can make an appointment at our clinic. You should be in and out within fifteen minutes.

Do I need to provide GP records to have a flu vaccination?

No. We don't need any medical records as each individual makes the decision to have the vaccination themselves. You may want to inform your GP that you have had a vaccination so they can record it against your file.

How do you know what strains of flu to vaccinate against?

Each year the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends three of the most active strains to include in the flu vaccination.

Is the flu vaccination safe?

The flu vaccination is not a live vaccine and you cannot catch flu from a flu vaccination. As with any vaccination there is a small risk of side effects. Please enquire for more information.

Can you vaccinate children?

Children from 6 months can only be vaccinated in our clinics located in London and Manchester.

For on-site vaccinations, we cannot vaccinate anyone under 16.