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Endermologie Cellulite Treatment

Endermologie (also known as Endermology) is the leading cellulite treatment. It is the only non-surgical treatment which is effective.

Endermologie cellulite treatment uses a special hi-tech deep tissue massage which lifts, rolls and massages your skin, increasing the blood flow and lymphatic drainage through the affected area. This breaks down and eliminates the fatty deposits and skin tethering which causes cellulite and gently restores your skin to a smoother and firmer appearance.

You will be given a special lightweight protective bodysuit to wear to protect your skin so treatment is pain-free. Endermologie treatment is a pleasure not a pain. It is relaxing and stress-busting, and the cellulite removal results are very satisfactory indeed,

Your thighs and buttocks will be better contoured, with unwanted lumps and bumps smoothed away, giving you a firmer profile.

Treatment sessions usually last 35 minutes although you can have a longer treatment if you wish. You should expect to have a number of cellulite treatments, depending on the extent of your problem.

We are currently offering free consultations for Endermologie Cellulite Treatment.