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Hyperhidrosis Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition which affects both men and women. Due to over-activity of the sweat glands, the body produces excessive sweat, far more than is needed to cool the body.

Hyperhidrosis most often affects the underarms but can also affect the face, chest, back, hands and feet.

The cause of hyperhidrosis can be genetic, or it can be a response to nerves or stress. Excessive sweating can be aggravated by being overweight. Whatever the origin, it can be desperately embarrassing, particularly when you are in a social or business situation.

Fortunately, hyperhidrosis treatment is simple, involving a few muscle relaxing injections into the affected area using ultra-fine needles. This blocks the action of the nerves which activate the sweat glands, reducing sweating to an acceptable level (some sweating is necessary for its cooling effect). There is usually no pain and no after effects.

The effects of the treatment last for several months. In addition, because the problem is often self-propagating, treatment can break a vicious cycle and cure hyperhidrosis permanently.

If you want to stop sweating excessively, contact us for a free consultation and find out more about what can be done for sweating problems and hyperhidrosis.

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