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Laser Hair Removal and IPL Treatments London

At our London Laser Hair Removal and IPL clinic, unwanted body hair can be easily removed with laser hair removal or using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.

For our laser hair removal treatments we use Softlight technology and for our IPL hair removal treatments we use Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light, an intense pulsed light therapy that dramatically and permanently reduces unwanted hair. While there are many other methods of laser hair removal and IPL treatment, these Softlight and Ellipse treatments are particularly effective, long-lasting and painless. We have selected them as we believe they are the best on the market.

Our Laser Hair Removal clinic in London is located in Harley street, W1. Appointments are offered daily, often same-day.

Quality Guaranteed Laser Hair Removal London

Laser hair removal and IPL treatments are preferred by many to shaving, which can be painful or leave irritation. Shaving produces only a temporary solution and often leaves bumps and soreness. Unlike waxing they are painless, clean and long-lasting. They also reduce the risk of in-growing hairs.

The duration of a laser hair removal or IPL hair removal treatment and the number of laser hair removal or IPL treatments required depends upon the area being treated, your hair type & colour and your skin type. You will be advised regarding this during your initial consultation.

Softlight laser hair removal is the most gentle and effective treatment we have found. We sensitise your hair follicles with a carbon lotion so that the power of the beam can be minimised. This means that it can be used on even dark skin types.

Softlight leads to an immediate benefit, whereas with many other treatments, the hairs take a long time to fall out and so the results are not immediately visible. With Softlight laser hair removal you will see results right away. The hair is bleached on contact and falls out shortly afterwards.

As a private London Laser Hair Removal centre we offer a discrete, professional service without the hefty price tag. 

Book a laser hair removal consultation and the non-refundable cost will be deducted from your first treatment.