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Skin damage, Blemish and Wrinkle Treatment

Skin damage can lead to pigmented lesions or hyper-pigmentation which include freckles, age spots, liver spots and melasma. Other causes of pigmentary change are birthmarks and vitiligo.

We have a range of simple and effective skin damage treatment options, including intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser pigment treatments. A beam of high intensity light or laser is directed at the blemish. This breaks down the melanin without damaging your skin, reducing the concentration of it.

IPL and laser treatments for pigmentary change are not painful. Patients describe the sensation as being like the snap of a rubber band as the beam strikes the blemish.

Blemish treatment takes 15-45 minutes and usually 1-3 sessions are required. There should be no after effects although it is important to screen the affected area from the sun’s rays for some weeks.

There are also a range of skin lightening creams and skin peels using tetrachloroacetic acid (TCA) or fruit acids products that can help with pigmentary changes.

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