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You can order any quantity of flu vaccines for just £5.95 each with Doctorcall.

Together with our new, lower nursing fees, Doctorcall offers you the best price for on-site flu vaccinations. In the unlikely event that you receive a lower quotation, we can price match.  

Call us now on 0844 257 0644 or simply send an email to flu@doctorcall.co.uk and our dedicated flu team will provide a quotation and arrange your booking with no deposit required.

You can change your vaccine quantities up until 3 weeks prior to your chosen date.

Vaccination days are booking up fast, so secure your preferred dates with Doctorcall today.

We look forward to working with you this year.

As the Flu season is fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to order flu vouchers for your staff.

From the 1st October, Doctorcall flu vouchers will be accepted at over 3,000 retailers and pharmacies, including Asda, Tesco, Lloyds Pharmacy, Morrisons, Well (formerly Co-Op), Superdrug.

Vouchers can be purchased in bulk for employees and are a simple and cost-effective way of providing flu vaccinations for your employees. They are particularly useful for field-based staff and home workers.

For only £6.95 each your staff can get vaccinated at a time and location which is convenient to them.



Who remembers this game from “Whose Line is it anyway?”? :


It had me in stitches before I even considered being a physio. So which is best? What’s the deal with all these standing, Sit-standing desks, hot desks?

The truth is that there is a growing body of evidence telling us that prolonged sitting is bad for us. It’s bad for our joints, our backs, our muscles, our tendons, our hearts and our blood vessels…… but let’s be honest we knew that anyway. It’s just now we have the science to prove it.


So the market has developed standing desks, sit-standing desks (They move on a hydraulic pump) and of course hot desking.  As it “stands” it is too early to say if the health benefits of standing all day exist. The theory is that when standing we are recruiting more muscle activity, burning more energy, we have more option to move, but we are still fairly stationary. So we wait for the evidence.

Some notes based on my clinical experience are however:

1.  I use a standing desk, I find I am more productive while I am at it… I also find I take more breaks away from the desk than I used to. The shoulder pain that I used to get at my desk has disappeared…. Instead my feet ache.

2.  Several of my clients now use standing desks as they were suffering from back ache in prolonged sitting……. One of the clients reported being significantly more tired at the end of the day…. No back pain though.

3.  Another of my clients had the biomechanical work station set up, she had the wrist rest, the supported chair, arm rests. She was managing her neck and back pain well with modifications. Unfortunately, her employers replaced all of the desks with hot desks now though. She can work in standing, but her back and neck pains have returned and she is back in the clinic with tennis elbow from typing without the wrist support.


So the jury is out.  For me the take home message is always the same with these things:


What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next.


The fact of the matter is that our bodies were meant to move. They need motion, they need variety. So you can stand, sit, bend, kneel, lie, perch on the most ergonomically sound and biomechanically perfect surface. If you do too much of any of these at one time, you will get pain.


Move more, fit motion into your daily work environment, get away from the desk and do what’s right by you. Your health needs you to stand, sit, lie, bend, kneel, perch, jump, sing and dance- as often as possible please. And if you can pick your own desk, choose wisely. Unfortunately there is no wonder desk to solve all ills. There is only your experience. If you have a sitting desk, all modified to suit your needs and you have no pain then stick with it but maybe treat yourself to more breaks.


If you know you need a change, then be brave, stand up in that office and give it a whirl.


It can be a prickly issue with your employer, but it is their responsibility to look after the interests and health of their employees with regards to the employee’s workstation.  How they do that varies widely.  If you or your employer require any professional advice regarding ergonomic desk set up, one of our team is a Level 2 DSE assessor, capable of carrying out workstation assessments.  They are HSE (Health and Safety Executive) accredited and recognised consultants by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

For further information, please follow: https://www.doctorcall.co.uk/occupational-health/dse--display-screen-equipment--and-workstation-assessments

Doctorcall can provide private medical care for hotel guests. We can offer a choice of:

• A doctor’s visit to the hotel

• An appointment in our state-of-the art clinics in London

• Telephone & Skype consultation

Appointments are easy to arrange and can be booked quickly by telephone, email or online via our website

All our doctors are registered with the General Medical Council and we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We operate to the highest standards of care and are ready to assist you in as friendly and efficient way as possible.

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Today the BBC published an article on why the NHS is already planning for flu season 2017.

"It's June, with some of the hottest weather seen in decades - but the NHS is already worrying about the winter."

Planning for a crisis isn't just about budget forecasting. As the largest private flu vaccine provider in the UK, Doctorcall knows how important it is to be prepared for flu.

Vaccine stocks are finite and need to be stored under special conditions. Arranging your winter vaccines in advance ensures you get preferential dates, guaranteed stock and the best price.

For 2017 Doctorcall are offering the cheapest flat rate price ever. At just £5.95 per vaccine, now is the best time to arrange your workplace winter flu vaccinations.

To get a quotation or to book your preferred dates, please call us on 0844 257 0644, or visit the following webpage: