Many businesses are already preparing for next winter and their employee flu vaccinations.

We would like to offer you a preferential rate for next season's on-site flu vaccination programme by freezing our prices.

The special rate is only available until 31st March 2017.

It is not intended to repeat this offer and the offer is made on a first-come-first-served basis as there are limited stocks available at this price.

A Doctorcall flu vaccination programme is effective in reducing the impact of flu in the workplace.

We assist you at every stage to ensure you receive an efficient on-site vaccination service.

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We're are looking for doctors and GPs to work with our prestigious visiting doctor service in London and Manchester.

Our visiting GP service is designed to get a doctor to patients when they want one. You will be working alongside an experienced team delivering a premium and private service.

Many of our doctors work on an ad-hoc basis at times that suit them and may appeal those who have some spare time between working elsewhere. We offer generous terms.

To register your interest, please complete the quick form at the following page...

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Learn more about our visiting doctor service.

The company doctor is an established and popular way of providing employees with access to GP consultations while at work and it helps prevent time off work waiting to see a GP at home.

Doctorcall provides an on-site private clinic with one of our experienced private doctors running regular in-house private GP sessions.

We assist you in setting up the consulting facility at your office, we provide an on-line booking process for staff to make their own appointments and we work with you to ensure the clinic runs efficiently and provides a secure and comfortable environment.

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Pneumonia is a common illness and a typical case of Pneumonia takes over four weeks to recover from, much of which time will be taken off work. Pneumonia tends to be contagious for up to ten days, during which time the rest of the workforce will be susceptible to it.

Doctorcall’s Pneumonia vaccination service uses Prevenar-13 to provide proven, lasting protection against pneumococcal pneumonia.

Prevenar-13 is a one-off vaccination, so unlike a flu jab, there is no need for annual top-up vaccinations.

It does not have any seasonal restrictions, so you can arrange your vaccinations at any time of the year.

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We are an approved provider of medical assessments required by the Oil & Gas industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of standard test protocols, and can also provide additional testing if required.

Medical assessments are available at a variety of clinic locations, and often at short notice. Once completed, results are generally available within an hour and can be sent by email or fax to any location.

We also provide relevant travel medicals, vaccinations and advice for personnel working overseas in countries around the world.

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