The team at Doctorcall wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Healthier 2022

Are you travelling back to the UK? Confused about Covid Travel testing? Here's an updated guide!

1) Day 2 Covid-19 Test for International Travellers - this is the correct kit for day 2 travel Buy Now

2) Coronavirus Covid-19 PCR Swab Home Test Kit -this is a general PCR kit and NOT a travel test. Find out more

3) Coronavirus Covid-19 Antibody Home Test Kit -this is a test to see if you have antibodies from an infection or vaccination. Find out more

4) Day 5 Covid-19 Test to Release for International Travellers - this is the test that unvaccinated travellers can take on day 5 to shorten their self-quarantine.  Find out more

5) Day 2 and 8 Covid-19 Tests for International Travellers - this is the day & 8 bundle for non-vaccinated travellers. Find out more

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Ever since I founded Doctorcall all the way back in 1989, patient safety has been our absolute number one priority. That has never been as challenging as it has been this year, but the work that our doctors, nurses and all of our dedicated support staff have done has ensured the highest quality and safety standards.
Throughout this crisis our services have been fully operational and we continue to see patients both in our clinics and via our visiting doctor service. No effort or expense has been spared in improving and updating our safety protocols to adapt to the ever-changing situation. I’m immensely proud of the work that the team have done and I’m pleased to say it’s our patients who have benefited the most.
Doctorcall’s work this year has not just been about providing world-class care for our patients, in response to the pandemic we have set up a fully accredited and licensed testing service which has meant thousands of people have been able to get a COVID-19 test when they needed one.
This has linked into our work with several well-known companies where our testing service has enabled them to continue their day-to-day operations whilst also keeping staff and customer safety at the forefront of their efforts.
In addition to testing, our work providing flu vaccination programs has never been so important. There has been an enormous effort to encourage people to get their flu vaccinations in anticipation of severe winter pressures on the NHS, and Doctorcall has played a significant role in providing them to many people across the country.
It has been a challenging year, but the Doctorcall team deserve huge credit for maintaining the highest standards in such difficult circumstances.

Dr Charles Levinson is the Chief executive and Medical Director of Doctorcall.