Before the NHS was founded in 1948, all doctors were private. Since then most patients have been treated by NHS doctors but private healthcare has remained as a niche, initially only for the wealthy and offered unrivalled access, contacts and knowledge.

An early and famous private GP was Lord Moran, Churchill’s doctor, about whom Churchill’s private secretary famously said: "Lord Moran was never present when history was made but he was invited to luncheon afterwards." Lord Moran lived and worked at 121 Harley Street, now the home of Doctorcall.

Over the following decades, there were a small number of private GPs based in Harley Street, Wimpole Street, Mayfair or Knightsbridge. Patients describe them arriving in their Bentley, it being the most reliable motor car and of course they could park anywhere prior to yellow lines. The doctors would become friends of the families they looked after and were free to make their best judgements without much interference by regulation or protocol.

The world has changed in a short time - the above era is still within living memory for many. Now there is a large amount of private medicine throughout the UK and it fits closely with the NHS with each filling the gaps left by the other. For the patient, private healthcare offers choice and direct access to the best healthcare.

However, as democratisation takes hold, inevitably some of private medicine’s qualities are lost. At the present time, the private medical insurance companies are in the process of removing the GPs’ choice of specialist and instead asking for generic referrals, allowing the insurance company to allocate the cheapest specialist. Additionally, new regulations are bringing protocols in across the board. For the private GP, working in the private sector still allows the doctor to think independently and perform to the best of his ability, unhampered by the restraints of outwardly-imposed time limits.

For many patients, their circumstances are integral to their health, whether it is an important engagement they need to be on good form for, or the pressures of their lifestyle impacting on their wellbeing. Protocol driven medicine does not take personal circumstances into account and a large part of the niche filled by private GPs nowadays is helping patients attain practical goals.

For the demographic group who used private GPs after The War, the top private GPs are still able to find ways around the limitations and restrictions that are placed on them and can still access the very best treatment in the world, although they now need to take a global view in some situations, as, even though London is still a leading medical centre, the UK is no longer the world leader it once was in all disciplines. This is sometimes known as concierge medicine or health advocacy, but it is just a part of what private GPs have always done.

Doctorcall aims to provide modern private GP services to both individuals and companies, using the latest resources but drawing on our long experience to provide access to the best healthcare that can be found.
We are pleased to be at the forefront of the home STI testing revolution. There is still a reason to see your doctor when you have symptoms and when you need treatment as the art of medicine cannot all be distilled in a home testing kit. However, we have got as near as possible.

Doctorcall, in association with Confidante, offer an STI testing kit which is unique as it is a world-first product using PCR technology, a leading method of testing, and proven to be reliable in testing for the TEN most important non-blood-borne sexually transmitted diseases. The art of medicine has not gone, but there is an explosion in technology and the great advances in public health are increasing through knowledge and access to it. One untreated case can lead to many more and this kit allows the ease, confidentiality and affordability that will allow more cases to be picked up early than ever before.

For more information see visit our information page on home testing STI / STD kits, or call 0844 257 0660 in complete confidence.
Yoga is defined as both a spiritual and physical discipline, involving a system of exercises to promote control of the body and mind. In Western physiotherapy practice the incorporation of yoga is not commonplace perhaps due to its spiritual nature and the absence of substantive evidence. Research has however shown health benefits of yoga for the treatment of anxiety, asthma and arthritic pain.

As a physiotherapist who has practised yoga for several years I was drawn to a ‘Yoga for Physiotherapists’ course. This presented the case for the use of yoga postures as part of a physiotherapy exercise approach. A sequence or individual postures are used to achieve physical benefits of increased flexibility, proprioception and stability for targeted body regions or conditions. Breathing control is also taught to gain relaxation enhancing control and pain-relief.

To find out more about how yoga as part of physiotherapy treatment could benefit you, contact Nicola Shaw, Senior Physiotherapist at City Physio @ Doctorcall.
At last there is a treatment for verrucae (verrucas) and warts that works well and effectively!

The Cause

Verrucas and warts are benign skin tumours caused by DNA disruption by a rogue virus and they are therefore highly contagious. If your body develops immunity to the virus, it destroys the verruca or wart and eradicates the virus and this is why sometimes whole crops of verrucas or warts can disappear simultaneously without good explanation. Unfortunately we do not have a vaccine against verruca and wart virus and with verrucas in particular, where the is little blood supply to the tumour, immunity may never arise. We see adults with large, disfiguring and painful verrucas of many years standing.#


The mainstay of treatment is disruption and trauma to the tumour. Firstly, if sufficient, this may destroy it. Secondly it is hoped that the virus will then get into the blood stream and immunity develop. The problem has always been that that the traumatising treatments don’t work properly. They are as follows:
  1. Radiotherapy. This is the gold standard and a very low dose of minimally-penetrating radiation can be used to target resistant verrucas with huge success. The problem is that this is often seen as overkill and is very expensive.
  2. Topical solutions: These do not target the verruca well over surrounding skin and if surrounding skin is damaged, they simply give the verruca an opportunity to grow faster. They rarely get deep enough.
  3. Cryotherapy (freezing): The cryotheraphy systems generally available to the public and to chiropodists and doctors are not always sufficiently powerful or targeted. The huge success we have found is with more powerful and targeted crotherapy.

The Breakthrough

The Doctorcall Harley Street and Manchester Clinics have found that using Wallach cryosurgical equipment, which is the best available and gives the fastest freeze and defrost in conjunction with a full range of tips of different widths to target even the smallest verrucas and warts without surrounding tissue damage in conjunction with careful paring away of excess keratin, we have in every case been successful in treating even the most recalcitrant and stubborn verrucas. Because of the avoidance of surrounding tissue damage, patients report little discomfort either during or after treatment. This is not rocket science, it is simply using better equipment in conjunction with attention to detail. The great news is that it works!

The Cheapest Tamiflu in the UK and Pandemic Influenza Planning.

Doctorcall have a large supply of Tamiflu purchased directly from the sole manufacturer, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and we are able to offer it for sale at a an extremely cheap discounted price, as low as £4 for a box of 10 adult capsules.

Tamiflu or oseltamivir is the best and indeed only treatment for influenza including pandemic flu and avian or bird flu. The availability of Tamiflu in the UK is limited outside times of influenza epidemics and the unfortunate effect is that it’s availability outside those times, even to private patients who are able to pay for it themselves, is limited.

Many patients therefore purchase it abroad. Doctorcall’s stock of Tamiflu expires at varying dates over the next year. However, the UK Government which holds a large stock of Tamiflu has relabelled its own stock with an extended expiry date as the stability data indicates that it remains equally active for a further period. Scientists are agreed that a flu pandemic will strike and that it is “a matter of when not if”.

Only this year the first case of avian flu spreading between two humans occurred which is a very important step in the evolution of the virus. Once it is able to spread between humans without needing to go through a bird in between, the world will be in the grips of a pandemic. It is worth remembering that flu pandemics are the greatest natural disasters known in terms of mortality.