Are you travelling back to the UK? Confused about Covid Travel testing? Here's an updated guide!

1) Day 2 Covid-19 Test for International Travellers - this is the correct kit for day 2 travel Buy Now

2) Coronavirus Covid-19 PCR Swab Home Test Kit -this is a general PCR kit and NOT a travel test. Find out more

3) Coronavirus Covid-19 Antibody Home Test Kit -this is a test to see if you have antibodies from an infection or vaccination. Find out more

4) Day 5 Covid-19 Test to Release for International Travellers - this is the test that unvaccinated travellers can take on day 5 to shorten their self-quarantine.  Find out more

5) Day 2 and 8 Covid-19 Tests for International Travellers - this is the day & 8 bundle for non-vaccinated travellers. Find out more

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Did you know that people can live with HIV without any symptoms? Testing is the only way to know our HIV status. Testing is key to ending HIV transmissions. Be sure, be safe, get checked. Book online with code: hivmonth

How could flu effect your business this winter?

Hopefully yours won’t be so badly affected, but many organisations will experience significant disruptions and costs due to lost productivity during the winter months. Billions of pounds are lost to UK businesses each year due to sickness absence, and especially flu.

A Doctorcall flu vaccination programme is an effective way to reduce the risk of flu in the workplace. For those unable to attend, Doctorcall Flu Vouchers are available at only £6.95 each and are redeemable at high street pharmacists nationwide, allowing staff to get vaccinated at a time and location which is convenient to them.

With vaccines available from only £5.50 each, call our specialist flu team now for a quotation on:

0844 257 0644


or visit us online at:
Throughout London at your home, office or hotel

Why go to the doctor when he can come to you for the same price?

Do you really want to drag yourself around town feeling ill and spreading your germs as you go? Why put up with endless waits in A&E with the risks of getting caught up in all the problems that come in and possibly even picking up a new disease while you are there?

A&E Departments are great for major accidents and heart attacks and (although the Government would prefer they weren’t) they are good for those who have nowhere else to turn. But there are horses for courses and if you are seeking private healthcare and if you are well-enough to wait for a home visit, Doctorcall is just the best. Private services are guilt-free: if you are paying for it, you don’t have to worry about whether you will be berated for wasting people’s time. The law of supply and demand means that the more you use the service the more it thrives.

The NHS does not take your personal circumstances into account; for example, if you are a family leaving for the airport and your son has earache, if you are a performer due on stage soon and you have a migraine or if you have a big day ahead and you want a doctor before work to give you antibiotics for a cough, Doctorcall is the perfect solution.

More and more people are using Doctorcall home visits instead of queuing up or suffering in silence. Many private doctors use it for their out-of-hours cover. Many of our patients write in to say they love it and we are particularly pleased because we really care for our patients and it is wonderful to see that they understand that. We love our service and we think you will too. Keep our number and try it when you need quick and helpful service.

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