Today the BBC published an article on why the NHS is already planning for flu season 2017.

"It's June, with some of the hottest weather seen in decades - but the NHS is already worrying about the winter."

Planning for a crisis isn't just about budget forecasting. As the largest private flu vaccine provider in the UK, Doctorcall knows how important it is to be prepared for flu.

Vaccine stocks are finite and need to be stored under special conditions. Arranging your winter vaccines in advance ensures you get preferential dates, guaranteed stock and the best price.

For 2017 Doctorcall are offering the cheapest flat rate price ever. At just £5.95 per vaccine, now is the best time to arrange your workplace winter flu vaccinations.

To get a quotation or to book your preferred dates, please call us on 0844 257 0644, or visit the following webpage:

Doctorcall is excited to announce it has acquired Dr Kelly & Associates.

Dr Kelly & Associates is an established and very experienced private medical practice based in the City of London.

Working together, our two brands will be able to offer excellent choice and availability to our customers in London and beyond.

Dr Kelly & Associates will remain trading under its existing name and existing customers and patients will notice no outward changes to the excellent and professional service already available.

Doctorcall are now offering flu vaccines at just £5.95 per vaccine for any size of business.

Together with our new, lower nursing fees, Doctorcall offers you the best price for on-site flu vaccinations. In the unlikely event that you receive a lower quotation, we can price match.  

Call us now on 0844 257 0644 or simply send an email to and our dedicated flu team will arrange your booking with no deposit required. You are entitled to finalise your vaccination numbers up until 3 weeks prior to your chosen date.

There is no reason to delay. Secure your preferred dates with Doctorcall today.

We look forward to working with you again this year.

Kind regards

Doctorcall Flu Team

Much of the UK is basking in sunshine and hot weather, and whilst it may be enjoyable for many, the heat and direct sunlight carry some potential health risks.

Britain doesn’t often get prolonged heatwaves, or even temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, so it’s no surprise the weather is the talking point of many.

We have asked our doctors to prepare some advice for everyone;

·         Direct sunlight can cause skin damage, and prolonged exposure can result in skin cancer. You should always wear sun protection when outdoors and avoid extended periods in the direct sunlight. UV rays can cause skin damage even when it’s cloudy.

·         Direct exposure to sunlight isn’t the only risk – the heat in the summer months can lead to severe illness. Make sure you stay in well ventilated areas and drink plenty of fluids. You should avoid beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol during the day as these can cause dehydration.

·         Be sure to check on relatives who may be sensitive to heat and sunlight, especially the elderly.

Be prepared

It may be a good idea to keep bottled or filtered water in your fridge as the water from the tap may be at ambient temperature.

Stay tuned to the forecast, especially if you plan on travelling. Check on the weather for the journey as well as the destination.

If you're still unsure of how to prepare, or if you have any concerns you should contact a GP or other appropriate medical help.

The team at City Physio have been asked once again to provide physiotherapy support to this biannual International festival.  In 2015 we covered 7 different shows in multiple locations both on and off site.  Our close association with MIF since 2005 has earned us a recall, and even spawned a new moniker for one of the team. “Evil” Bob Johnson is unsure how to take this well meant professional compliment. Bob will be kept busy this year with Available Light, based at the Palace Theatre.

Be sure to check out the outstanding array of bands, plays, monologues etc. that brings together artists from different art forms and backgrounds to create dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking new work, which are staged in a rich tapestry of venues across Greater Manchester – from theatres, galleries and concert halls to railway depots, churches and car parks.  Expect the unexpected..

Don’t miss out, check out the line up