Ever since I founded Doctorcall all the way back in 1989, patient safety has been our absolute number one priority. That has never been as challenging as it has been this year, but the work that our doctors, nurses and all of our dedicated support staff have done has ensured the highest quality and safety standards.
Throughout this crisis our services have been fully operational and we continue to see patients both in our clinics and via our visiting doctor service. No effort or expense has been spared in improving and updating our safety protocols to adapt to the ever-changing situation. I’m immensely proud of the work that the team have done and I’m pleased to say it’s our patients who have benefited the most.
Doctorcall’s work this year has not just been about providing world-class care for our patients, in response to the pandemic we have set up a fully accredited and licensed testing service which has meant thousands of people have been able to get a COVID-19 test when they needed one.
This has linked into our work with several well-known companies where our testing service has enabled them to continue their day-to-day operations whilst also keeping staff and customer safety at the forefront of their efforts.
In addition to testing, our work providing flu vaccination programs has never been so important. There has been an enormous effort to encourage people to get their flu vaccinations in anticipation of severe winter pressures on the NHS, and Doctorcall has played a significant role in providing them to many people across the country.
It has been a challenging year, but the Doctorcall team deserve huge credit for maintaining the highest standards in such difficult circumstances.

Dr Charles Levinson is the Chief executive and Medical Director of Doctorcall.

An update about our services during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

  • The Doctorcall visiting doctor service remains open 24/7 and can be booked online.
  • Our clinics in Harley Street and Manchester remain open and can be booked here.
  • Video doctor consultations can be an efficient and economical resource without the need for travel, or for those in self-isolation; book online
  • Covid-19 antibody tests are now available at our clinics and can be booked here.
  • We have extended our £75 visiting service founder member discount in view of the pandemic. Download the app to become a member. Use discount code JOIN75.

If you need help booking these or with anything else, please feel free to contact us. 


With best wishes from all of us at Doctorcall.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Charles Levinson.

For more information please call us:

0344 257 0345

Clearly the official advice covers most of the things we all need to know.  On top of this, we would like to give the following advice.

What We Can Do To Help

Be Prepared

We are recommending that where possible each household should purchase a thermometer, pulse oximeter and (ideally but least important) an electronic blood pressure machine.  These will greatly assist us in managing any case of coronavirus at home via video link.  These are available from Amazon; please ensure you order one with a relatively quick delivery time.  We can assure you we will be available to provide medical support at home if you become ill.


There is clear evidence it is essential to have absolute rest for fourteen days after developing symptoms of Covid-19 to reduce the risk of myocarditis.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

There is evidence that anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen and aspirin reduce the immune response.  However, the official advice is that those who have been prescribed aspirin or regular anti-inflammatory medication should not discontinue it without advice.  Please book a video consultation to discuss it should you find yourself in this situation.


There is an idea that the cholesterol-lowering drugs may reduce your ability to fight the virus, as explained here and there is an argument that most people can manage without them for a limited time.  On the other hand, the American College of Cardiology has produced guidelines recommending these are continued as there is increased risk of cardiac events during coronavirus infection.  Clearly this is a complex decision which needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis. Again we can advise regarding this in a video consultation.


There is some evidence for the use of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine in cases of coronavirus.  The benefits are not entirely clear, there are some risks and this use is unlicensed.  However, we are happy to discuss treatment options with you if the need arises and in some cases we may be able to recommend it.  Dr Patrick Sheehan in our Harley Street clinic has a special interest in this and a video consultation can be booked on 0344 257 0345.

What We Can Do To Help


We have a new secure video platform which has been built into our website.  If you would like to book a video consultation, please click here using the discount code Online5.  If you do not want to book it online, please feel free to call us and if you require an urgent call or a call at a time other than that available online, or if you prefer a telephone consultation, please call us.
The number is 0344 257 0345.


Covid-19 antibody testing is available in our clinics in Harley Street and Manchester and we can also arrange testing on-site or at home in certain cases.  This can be booked online here using the discount code Online5, or by calling 0344 257 0345.  Our tests are German-made and despite the criticism of the Government’s Chinese tests, we have no reason to doubt the veracity of these and full details can be found here.  We are finding that those who have had significant symptoms of Covid-19 are very likely to be immune and it is clearly a great benefit to establish immunity.  These tests are significantly more accurate than swab testing which has a sensitivity of only around 50 – 60% due to difficulties with sample collection.

Clinic Appointments Available

Our clinics in Harley Street and in Manchester remain open.  Please book online here using the discount code online5 or call us on 0344 257 0345.

Visiting Doctor Service

Our visiting doctor service in London remains open.  Please book online here or call us on 0344 257 0345.

Book a Video Appointment Online >>


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At Doctorcall we greatly value our customer feedback. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our certified ‘Excellent’ rating on consumer review website Trustpilot, where we have been awarded a Trustscore of 4.7 out of 5.

This is based on over 350 reviews our company has collected on the review platform over the last 7 months. Since February, we have been delighted to read the comments and feedback left by our customers detailing their experiences with us.

‘Excellent’ 4.7 out of 5

Trustpilot is one of the leading review companies in the UK. The platform is open to everyone and allows customers to rank a company's service from 1-5. It collates all reviews left by customers over time to give the company an overall score out of 5, making our ‘Excellent’ 4.7 out of 5 Trustscore a measure of customer satisfaction rather than just a simple average score of all reviews we have collected so far.

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We're committed to excellent care, and since 1989 our aim has been to deliver the best possible service for each of our patients rather than expecting them to follow the route set out for all. We strive to provide the best possible healthcare through our 24-hour visiting doctor services in London and by using modern, Western, evidence-based medicine in our private clinics across the UK.

‘The best Doctor/Patient interaction I have ever had’

Here is a short snippet of what people have to say about their experiences with us:

“Very quick response, charming and very thorough doctor, caring and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again.”

Marilyn Singer

“A thoroughly professional and efficient service with courteous and engaging Doctor and staff.”


“The response time of the doctor was amazingly quick … the diagnosis was accurate and the bedside manner wonderful…We had previously called around several of the competitors … Doctorcall was the most competitive we found.”

Robert Fairer

“Dr Jessen is an outstanding GP. He has a very rounded knowledge and has greatly contributed to my good health & fitness over the years. He is exactly what a top GP should be like. He also has a great sense of humour! … I'll be your customer for life!”

Nicholas Polo

“The best Doctor/Patient interaction that I have ever had!”

Mr Paul Jewell

Thank you

It’s always great to hear from our customers, and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave us a review over on Trustpilot. We like to keep engaged with our customers, and whether good or bad, your feedback is always incredibly valuable to us.

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