It might seem odd to be talking about flu vaccinations while the sun is shining, but many businesses are already preparing for next winter and their employee flu vaccinations.

This year many companies will opt for flu vouchers instead of the traditional onsite flu jabs and with over 3,000 pharmacies to choose from, your staff will never be far away from getting their annual protection against flu.

At only £6.95 per voucher it may be even cheaper per person than an on-site vaccination programme.

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Doctorcall is the largest provider of flu vaccinations outside the NHS and can also arrange your on-site vaccination programme for the 2015/16 flu season.

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If you regularly work away from home, Doctorcall home testing kits are a convenient and discreet way to test for a variety of infections without having to travel to a clinic or speak to a doctor.

They can be purchased online from a smartphone, tablet or computer and sent to any address in the UK.

All of our home test kits are posted in a plain, unmarked packet and you can choose how you wish to receive your results.

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Thanks to Doctorcall's brand new website, oil and gas assessments are are now available to book online and you can use any device, whether a phone, a tablet or a computer.

Doctorcall’s range of medical assessments includes:

• OGUK Offshore Medicals (Including Norwegian and Netherlands medicals)

• ERT Medical

• Crane Operators Medicals

• Climbers Medicals

• Confined Space Medicals

• Medicals for various countries

We can offer all the necessary testing and certificates and we can provide these assessments at our London and Manchester clinics, generally at short notice if required.

Our secure website means that if you book on-line your privacy and security are guaranteed.

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Medicals available at Doctorcall 
We can provide Cabin Crew medical assessments in accordance with CAA guidelines. Our doctors are recognised by the CAA and can provide the report necessary to pass to the airline or employer in order to continue duties. Doctorcall can provide these assessments quickly and efficiently, as in the vast majority of cases there is no need for the crew member to attend the clinic. By simply completing a confidential online questionnaire the assessments can be conducted remotely. If more information is required we can call you or, if necessary, arrange for you to come to our clinic in central Manchester for a consultation with a doctor. MED.C.005 Aeromedical assessments

New Cabin Crew

All new Cabin Crew must have a medical examination and assessment carried out by an approved Occupational Health Medical Practitioner (OHMP).

Periodic (60 month) Assessments

All Cabin Crew are required to have a periodic medical examination every five years which must be completed more than 45 days before the expiry of the previous medical report.

Returning From Sickness Absence & More Frequent Assessments

Sometimes more frequent medical examinations are necessary, such as the crew member returning from sickness absence or if there is an ongoing medical condition.

Fit-to-Fly Certificates

Certificates can be issued directly to the Cabin Crew member following a consultation with the doctor.  

For more information, contact us on 0844 257 0346

Medical assessments required by the Oil & Gas industry

Doctorcall is an approved provider of medical assessments, required by the Oil & Gas industry to ensure an individual's fitness to work within a specialist working environment.

We can offer appointments in London and Manchester at short notice of your first contact with us. A comprehensive range of standard testing is available and we can also provide additional testing if required. Our range of assessments can be completed within one visit to our clinics and includes: OGUK Offshore Medicals, ERT medicals, drug testing and travel immunizations.

Medical assessments are available at a variety of clinic locations, with same-day results generally available within an hour, to be sent by email or fax to any location. We also provide business travel medicals, travel medicine including yellow fever certificates and advice for personnel working overseas in countries around the world.

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