IV Infusions provide a different type of cocktail. Tailored to your needs, they contain a unique combination of vitamins and nutrients that enter directly into your bloodstream to deliver profound benefits – whether you want to feel your best before a performance or are looking to recover after a particularly intense sporting event or night out. They are the perfect pick me up, providing essential ingredients right into your cells to allow your body to better absorb the benefits with faster, more effective results.

Can IV Vitamin Therapy really be that amazing?

The short answer is…yes.

Modern diets are often lacking in the essential nutrients that our bodies need every day, to stay healthy and perform optimally.

This not only helps you to live longer by preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, but it also boosts energy and promotes a healthier life.

Essential Nutrients however are nutrients that the body cannot synthesize on its own – aptly named as they are vital to life and good health. Traditionally, they were obtained from the food we eat.

Many people however – 1 in 3 – now resort to daily supplements, which are certainly beneficial.

When you ingest vitamins by mouth however, only 15% of the active nutrients may eventually make their way into your bloodstream.

This means that a lot of the benefits they provide are lost along the way.

With Intravenous Vitamin Infusions the nutrients enter your bloodstream directly and immediately – allowing your body to better absorb and utilise these essential ingredients and their amazing benefits.

Can it really be that good?

IV Therapy is a treatment that gained a lot of popularity an Instagram (which can often cause scepticism).

Our protocols however are developed to administer high-dose vitamins safely, and our promise is not to ‘cure’, but to restore your health.

Tailored to suit what your body needs, our IV vitamin therapy infusions are carefully combined by an experienced doctor.

All of our protocols have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of expert medical doctors and nutritionists. By practicing this type of “evidence-based medicine” we can tailor our IV infusions to ensure maximum effectiveness with minimal side effects.

Receiving vitamins through an IV means they can bypass your digestive system so that you get much higher concentrations of nutrients that your body needs delivered directly to your cells.

How does IV Therapy work?

Our IV Infusions take just 30-60mins. Many patients begin to feel the effects during the IV therapy, which then continues over the following hours and days.

If Dr. Evelyn determines that IV Therapy is right for you, she will assess your personal needs and tailor an infusion accordingly to help restore your health.

There are various different formulations of vitamins you can receive, which depends on precisely what is right for you.

The aim is to restore your body to its peak in terms of health and performance –helping you feel refreshed and revitalised.

Is IV Therapy right for me?

IV Vitamin Therapy is perfect if you want to give your health a boost. It has many amazing benefits to help with:

  • Stress
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Increased energy levels
  • Immunity boost
  • Fatigue
  • Quick rehydration

If you need to be in top shape for a performance or want to relieve the symptoms of a night out, IV therapy can provide the perfect pick me up.

As the party season approaches, IV Vitamin Therapy can be the cocktail that helps you get back on your feet – isn’t science amazing?

Talk to us about IV Therapy

If you live in London and are interested in finding out more about IV Therapy, feel free to call us on 0344 257 0345, or you can book an initial consultation with Dr. Evelyn.

Dr Evelyn is an experienced Doctor with a particular interest in lifestyle treatments and vitamin therapy, which she has been using in her practice for 7 years. She has a keen interest in the area and would love to discuss how she can tailor the right treatment to suit your needs.

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Depilation has changed beyond recognition. We have seen nothing short of a revolution in methods of removing unwanted hair. We no longer bother with waxing and plucking because laser and IPL hair removal are painless, permanent and over time they are cheaper.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) disables the hair follicles and the hair simply falls out and doesn’t return.

It relies on the difference in pigmentation in the hair follicle. For darker skins where there is less pigment variation, Softlight laser uses smart technology to home in on the larger skin follicles and target them specifically. It also bleaches the hair while it is at it, so that the improvement is instantaneous. The wealthy and the fashionable were the first to use the new technology which was expensive initially like all the latest inventions. At last it has become cost-efficient and provides value when compared with the old beauty salon treatments.

You can now get IPL treatment nearby where-ever you live and you can even buy your own machine from Boots to use at home. However, as so often happens, all forms of excess hair removal get lumped together and people forget that they are not all the same. IPL is not the same as laser, home IPL is not the same as professional IPL and beauty salon IPL is not the same as doctor-led specialist IPL in a medical clinic. The most popular treatments in girls are legs and bikini lines, then facial hair, then other areas. In men the most popular areas are back, shaving areas to prevent in-growing hairs and spots, then other areas.

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