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Seasonal flu vaccination stocks are limited and are availability is running low.

There is still time for you to arrange your on-site flu jabs for this winter.

A Doctorcall flu vaccination programme is cost-effective in reducing the impact of flu in the workplace.

For any staff unable to attend our on-site vaccination programme, our Flu Vouchers are redeemable at over 2,500 high street pharmacies nationwide, allowing staff to be vaccinated at a time and location which is convenient to them.

With vaccines available from only £5.50 each call our specialist flu team now for a quotation on: 0844 257 0644

Many organisations will experience significant disruption and lost opportunities due to flu during the winter months.  Not only is absenteeism higher in the winter but it tends to affect a number of employees at the same time.

A Doctorcall flu vaccination programme is an effective way to reduce flu in the workplace.

For those unable to attend our vaccination programmes we can provide vouchers  redeemable at high street pharmacies nationwide, allowing staff to get vaccinated at a time and location convenient to them.

With vaccines available from only £5.50 each, get a quotation now:


Doctorcall are looking for nurses to help us vaccinate people across the UK.

Each year we carry out the biggest flu vaccination programme outside the NHS between late-September and Late-November this year.

If you're experienced in vaccinating and would like to assist us vaccinate at locations nationwide, please contact us today.

You just need to have the following:
  • Up to date certificate from the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Anaphylaxis training certificate
If you don't have an anaphylaxis training certificate, you can get one relatively cheaply online.

We are looking for full time, part time and temporary nurses in all areas of Great Britain, but particularly have a need for the North East, South West, The Midlands and Scotland.

If you're interested, or would like more information, please call Michelle Haigh on 0161 214 1919 or email michelle.haigh@doctorcall.co.uk.

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Even Those Working in The Field

When staff are working from home, in smaller offices or at night, it is often difficult to ensure that everyone gets their annual flu jab.

Doctorcall pioneered on-site corporate flu vaccination services and provide vaccinations in the work-place. Additionally we provide flu vaccination vouchers which are redeemable at high street pharmacies nationwide, allowing staff to get vaccinated at a time and location which is convenient to them.

At only £6.95 each, flu vouchers are a cost-effective and efficient way to reduce the likelihood of sickness due to influenza.

Our website is fully compatible with mobile devices and will help staff to find their nearest participating pharmacist. Vouchers can be ordered online through our website: 

Details of Doctorcall’s corporate flu vaccination services are also available by visiting us at https://www.doctorcall.co.uk/flu-vaccinations/flu-vaccinations-in-the-workplace


If you would like more information on our services contact Stuart Faulkner on 0844 257 0644

or email: sales@doctorcall.co.uk

It might seem odd to be talking about flu vaccinations while the sun is shining, but many businesses are already preparing for next winter and their employee flu vaccinations.

This year many companies will opt for flu vouchers instead of the traditional onsite flu jabs and with over 3,000 pharmacies to choose from, your staff will never be far away from getting their annual protection against flu.

At only £6.95 per voucher it may be even cheaper per person than an on-site vaccination programme.

To order your vouchers online and find your nearest pharmacy click here:


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Doctorcall is the largest provider of flu vaccinations outside the NHS and can also arrange your on-site vaccination programme for the 2015/16 flu season.

For more information on all our flu services call 0844 257 0644 or email us at flu@doctorcall.co.uk.