Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics underline just how effective flu vaccinations are. As you can see from the graph, following the extension of eligibility for the flu vaccine, associated deaths plummeted - the vaccines work.

This was especially pertinent last year, as there were fears that a resurgence in the flu could add further pressure to hospitals at a time when Omicron was spreading fast. The vaccines did their job and tens of thousands of lives were saved. 

Not only does the vaccine protect the individual, but it also reduces the chances of an infected person spreading the virus to others. This has clear benefits for any organisation where individuals are in contact with each other. Significantly reducing flu-related absences, therefore comfortable providing value for money.

I am particularly proud of Doctorcall’s track record in this area – which we have been providing to workplaces since the early 1990s. Over the years, we have administered millions of flu vaccines - saving numerous lives and delivering a strong return on investment for the companies.

We have further strengthened our offer to cement our position as the industry-leader and the ‘go-to’ partner for any flu vaccination programme. This year we are offering the egg-free (vegan) quadrivalent vaccine in addition to the standard egg-grown version. We have also introduced our electronic vaccination voucher – which will be redeemable across more than 3,000 pharmacies across the country. This latter innovation will allow corporates to distribute vouchers to remote and hybrid workforces easily – something we can assist with.

With experts predicting a resurgence of influenza this winter, we are expecting a strong demand for our services. As existing clients, we wanted to give you this opportunity as early as possible to book a convenient slot for your flu vaccination programme, and order your flu vaccination vouchers. We are offering an early-bird discount on orders received by 30 June 2022.


Dr Charles Levinson,

Founder of Doctorcall