Lots of people mistake the common cold for flu. However, there is a huge difference between the two. Influenza is caused by a virus, like a cold, but makes you much more ill. It’s highly infectious and it can put you out of action for up to 2 weeks…

Symptoms of Flu include fever, sore throat and muscle aches. The Flu virus spreads in droplets passed on via the air when you breath in or when you touch objects which have been contaminated by the virus, like handles, doors and public transport!

No one is naturally immune to the Flu virus and the best way to stay free of the flu is to have the flu jab, which gives you 80% protection. Dr Christian Jessen recommends we should all have one: "The more of us that get the flu jab the less likely it will be for the virus to take hold in the community. This will especially help vulnerable people like the elderly, the sick and young children."

Dr Jessen recommends the following basic steps, but no one can become naturally immune:

  1. Have the Flu Vaccination
  2. Keep a healthy balanced diet
  3. Take regular exercise
  4. If you are a smoker, reduce the amount you smoke or even better stop
  5. Allow time for rest and relaxation
  6. Wash your hands often to avoid the spreading of germs
If you are unlucky enough to catch the flu the best advice Dr Jessen can give is to stay indoors in the warmth and rest. Your body will require lots of fluid so drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Antibiotics cannot be used to treat flu so the best way to fight it off is to rest indoors.

A case of flu usually lasts for around 2 weeks and if your symptoms persist come and visit us at 121 Harley Street or we can send a GP to your home.