The team at City Physio have been asked once again to provide physiotherapy support to this biannual International festival.  In 2015 we covered 7 different shows in multiple locations both on and off site.  Our close association with MIF since 2005 has earned us a recall, and even spawned a new moniker for one of the team. “Evil” Bob Johnson is unsure how to take this well meant professional compliment. Bob will be kept busy this year with Available Light, based at the Palace Theatre.

Be sure to check out the outstanding array of bands, plays, monologues etc. that brings together artists from different art forms and backgrounds to create dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking new work, which are staged in a rich tapestry of venues across Greater Manchester – from theatres, galleries and concert halls to railway depots, churches and car parks.  Expect the unexpected..

Don’t miss out, check out the line up