Even Those Working in The Field

When staff are working from home, in smaller offices or at night, it is often difficult to ensure that everyone gets their annual flu jab.

Doctorcall pioneered on-site corporate flu vaccination services and provide vaccinations in the work-place. Additionally we provide flu vaccination vouchers which are redeemable at high street pharmacies nationwide, allowing staff to get vaccinated at a time and location which is convenient to them.

At only £6.95 each, flu vouchers are a cost-effective and efficient way to reduce the likelihood of sickness due to influenza.

Our website is fully compatible with mobile devices and will help staff to find their nearest participating pharmacist. Vouchers can be ordered online through our website: 

Details of Doctorcall’s corporate flu vaccination services are also available by visiting us at


If you would like more information on our services contact Stuart Faulkner on 0844 257 0644

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