By Nick Syrett, Senior Physiotherapist, Doctorcall, St Ann's Square, Manchester

The running revolution continues to gain pace in the UK with more and more people taking up local parkrun challenges. Adult (5km) and Junior (2km) parkruns are being added to the already extensive list throughout the UK and Europe. It’s great to see and a great social model to be a part of. But how many of us have actually read or received any advice on how to actually run? Unless you’ve run at a decent level as a kid, not many.

Running is often a painful learning curve and a journey of discovery as you get things a little wrong along the way. The potential pit falls of going too far/fast too soon, making poor footwear choices, poor nutrition/ hydration decisions and insufficient body conditioning makes for a daunting journey and people tend to learn the hard way when they get it wrong.

Run technique is huge part of running yet is often neglected by the majority. Whilst there are many unique styles that work for many people, there are also many efficiencies that can be gained by tweaking one’s run technique.

Nick at City Physio brings together a physical assessment of how your body moves/doesn’t move as well as it could along with an analysis of your running technique. The aim is to come up with some strategies to help you gain a more efficient running style. This will not only reduce the chance of future injuries but can also enable you to run further and faster (should you wish!).

Nick has been running at a social and local club level for 20 years (more keenly in the past 10) and working within sport as a physio for 20 years. It made sense to combine his job and hobby to enhance that feel good feeling. Since attending the Movement and Running School in 2017, he has been working with local club runners in Manchester City Centre to enhance and optimise their own run technique.

As people start to think about their marathon training plans that will kick off shortly in preparation for spring marathon season, being the best, you can be at the start of your journey is a nicer place to begin.

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