The Cheapest Tamiflu in the UK and Pandemic Influenza Planning.

Doctorcall have a large supply of Tamiflu purchased directly from the sole manufacturer, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and we are able to offer it for sale at a an extremely cheap discounted price, as low as £4 for a box of 10 adult capsules.

Tamiflu or oseltamivir is the best and indeed only treatment for influenza including pandemic flu and avian or bird flu. The availability of Tamiflu in the UK is limited outside times of influenza epidemics and the unfortunate effect is that it’s availability outside those times, even to private patients who are able to pay for it themselves, is limited.

Many patients therefore purchase it abroad. Doctorcall’s stock of Tamiflu expires at varying dates over the next year. However, the UK Government which holds a large stock of Tamiflu has relabelled its own stock with an extended expiry date as the stability data indicates that it remains equally active for a further period. Scientists are agreed that a flu pandemic will strike and that it is “a matter of when not if”.

Only this year the first case of avian flu spreading between two humans occurred which is a very important step in the evolution of the virus. Once it is able to spread between humans without needing to go through a bird in between, the world will be in the grips of a pandemic. It is worth remembering that flu pandemics are the greatest natural disasters known in terms of mortality.