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For beautiful, smooth skin - why wait?!

Depilation has changed beyond recognition. We have seen nothing short of a revolution in methods of removing unwanted hair. We no longer bother with waxing and plucking because laser and IPL hair removal are painless, permanent and over time they are cheaper.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) disables the hair follicles and the hair simply falls out and doesn’t return.

It relies on the difference in pigmentation in the hair follicle. For darker skins where there is less pigment variation, Softlight laser uses smart technology to home in on the larger skin follicles and target them specifically. It also bleaches the hair while it is at it, so that the improvement is instantaneous. The wealthy and the fashionable were the first to use the new technology which was expensive initially like all the latest inventions. At last it has become cost-efficient and provides value when compared with the old beauty salon treatments.

You can now get IPL treatment nearby where-ever you live and you can even buy your own machine from Boots to use at home. However, as so often happens, all forms of excess hair removal get lumped together and people forget that they are not all the same. IPL is not the same as laser, home IPL is not the same as professional IPL and beauty salon IPL is not the same as doctor-led specialist IPL in a medical clinic. The most popular treatments in girls are legs and bikini lines, then facial hair, then other areas. In men the most popular areas are back, shaving areas to prevent in-growing hairs and spots, then other areas.

The Doctorcall Lifestyle clinic is a market leader and pioneer and is located in the medical campus of Harley Street. Using the latest technology and an expert medical team, the treatment is top level. On top of that, there are great offers available, starting with a free initial consultation and with discounts on a range of treatments. Call in for a free consultation on:

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