As travel restrictions ease, many of us are beginning to travel again.  Wherever you decide to spend your summer, the Doctorcall team will be on hand to provide medical advice and assistance - we are fully licensed, qualified and insured to provide telemedicine consultations for UK residents in any country.

Falling ill abroad is a stressful experience, particularly if you are unfamiliar with your new surroundings.  Finding a local doctor is not always straightforward. Language barriers present complications and waiting lists can be longer than expected. Knowing that a UK-based doctor is only a phone call away is a huge comfort for many of our regular clients.  The quality and convenience of a Doctorcall appointment remains consistent, whether you are in London or the South of France.

Our introduction of electronic prescriptions adds another benefit for using our remote consultation service. Depending on the location, it is possible for our doctor to issue an electronic prescription. This will be provided instantly, and a local pharmacy will be able to dispense the medication prescribed. In many countries, this means that not only can our team provide invaluable medical advice, but also enable you to receive the medication promptly.

We have found that knowing this service is available at short-notice overseas, provides peace of mind for travellers who are familiar with the quality of Doctorcall’s services.

Hopefully the need doesn’t arise, but if required the Doctorcall team are there to provide assistance, however or wherever you and your family are spending the summer months.


Arrange your telephone or video consultation by calling us or booking online.

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