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Unfortunately the earliest signs of an STI (sexually transmitted infection) can often be not having any symptoms at all. Our bodies are high functioning machines that, when faced with an infection, call the immune system to attention. In many cases this a beneficial counteraction but when it comes to an STI it can result in unknowingly spreading the infection to a partner or causing significant harm to our own bodies.

With no symptoms routine testing, communicating with sexual partners on their STI status and practicing safe sex are all crucial endeavours.  

When signs do appear, symptoms can include:

  • Unusual discharge or itchiness around the genitals

  • Burning feeling when peeing

  • Rash, sore or small lumps in genital area

  • Unusual bleeding from vagina, after sex or in between periods

  • Pain and swelling of the testicles (balls)

Some STIs can not be cured but there are treatments available to ease the symptoms in these cases. Though in each case STIs are more successfully treated if detected early on. If you are sexually active with a long-term partner or not, regular testing needs to be incorporated into your routine.

Doctorcall offer quick and discreet STI home testing kits so you can keep on top of frequently checking in with your sexual health status.