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DSE (Display Screen Equipment) and Workstation Assessments

Many of the aches and pains we see in clinic are due to the repetitive and poor nature of the postures we adopt in the workplace. Many people spend large parts of their working day sat at a desk.

An incorrect workstation set up and the poor postures adopted on them are responsible for a large percentage of the spinal aches and pains we treat.

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Accredited Consultants and Physiotherapists

We can provide a Level 2 DSE assessor, capable of carrying out workstation assessments.

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) accredited and recognised consultants by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

We can offer one-off desk assessments or multiple checks.

Two Types of Assessments Available

A Standard Assessment Includes:

  • A detailed workstation assessment of the equipment and immediate working environment.
  • Assessment of the chair/desk.
  • A report for the individual and employer covering any risk factors identified and any actions required.
  • User friendly postural advice and exercises to help counter minor problems

Cost £115 – physical assessment will take approx. 30 mins


An Advanced Plus Assessment includes:

  • A working observation of the user completing the required tasks at their workstation.
  • Assessment of their chair/desk/workstation.
  • A thorough, clinically relevant history in relation to the problems experienced at the workstation.
  • A detailed report for both the individual and the employer outlining any risks and changes that should be made.
  • Postural advice and exercises to assist desk based problems. Possible follow up sessions in clinic  may be suggested to address larger ongoing problems.

Cost £225 – physical assessment will take approx. 1.5 hours

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