During the Covid-19 pandemic we continue to provide GP home visits and clinic & video appointments. Coronavirus testing is now available.
Book online or call 0344 257 0345. Our doctors and clinics are fully PPE-compliant.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Home Tests

Each testing kit is posted by Royal Mail in a plain, non-branded packet that will fit through your letter box. After taking the test, you send it back to us; results will be sent to you by your preferred method.

All of the equipment you need to take the sample is provided as well as easy to use instructions.

Accredited Laboratory Testing

All of our tests are processed by the largest accredited laboratory in the UK.

The laboratory employs some of the most trusted and well known platforms in its analysis, including Roche, Abbott, Vidas, BD as well as several in-house multiplex PCR techniques.

Doctorcall is the largest provider of flu vaccinations in the UK outside the NHS.  We were closely involved with avian flu, SARS and MERS and we are highly experienced in the management of epidemics and in pandemic planning.