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Fitness Step Test

Doctorcall offers a quick Fitness Step test.

The Test

You will be connected to a heart rate monitor and challenged to step slowly for 2 mins at a metronome determined beat (warm up). The step is 30cm in height for those aged under 40 and 25cm for those over 40.

The beat/step rate will increase at 2 minute intervals until your heart rate reaches a certain point. Target HR will be calculated as 80% of your advised maximum heart rate. This is age related and will be calculated by the therapist on the day.

The test should take about 10 minutes. You have the option to keep your results.

The test is a good bench mark to measure your cardiovascular level of fitness. This test can be re-taken to chart your fitness journey and assess how things have improved or perhaps gone astray. You can re-take the test and whatever intervals you wish.

The test is calibrated to suit your age, so your score can be compared to friends, colleagues, team members or family members fairly.

The Appointment

Clothing: Shorts/t-Shirt/trainers are preferable as you will just about break sweat (some more than others). A full shower is not required.

Try to avoid caffeine or anything that will elevate your heart rate in the few hours preceding the test.

Please declare any relevant cardiac or medical history in advance if you feel it may influence your test.  Please email us in advance if in doubt and we'll advise you accordingly.

A short health questionnaire will be required to be filled in when you arrive at the clinic. The test can only be taken at our Kings court clinic. Bookings and payment can be made online via our online portal from the link at the top of the page.