Running Gait and Movement Analysis

Improve your running technique

What is your motivation??

Go faster? Go further? Reduce those running niggles and chances of injury? Improve efficiency?

If you fit in to some or all of the above categories, then we have a package for you. Most runners have never been “taught” to run. It’s just something we do. As a result there are many weird and wonderful styles out there. Many of these work for the individual because we are all different. Even at elite levels there are some styles that look quite different from the rest and yet still work for the individual.  A few tweaks can go a long way to improving the return you can get from running. 

What do the sessions involve?

Session 1

The initial assessment includes video gait analysis, functional movement analysis and some immediate tips/feedback for your running technique to work on at home.  The videos from the session can be emailed for you to keep and reference in the future. Bring your running kit and trainers that you use the most. You will be running on a treadmill at approximately your 5km and 10km pace for a total of less than 3km.  You should be injury free at this point.

Ideally, a follow up session will take place once you have had a chance to put these tips into practice. The tips will be related to your individual restrictions (tight segments of your body) or weaknesses and how they relate to your running technique.

If some correction of biomechanical issues are necessary to help improve running technique, then the period of correction will take a little longer and require both progression and monitoring in the form of extra follow up sessions.  Once the assessment has taken place, it will be easier to understand how much time/effort is required to re-build/model/tweak an individual.  You can purchase singular or blocks of specially discounted running sessions following the initial assessment once things are a little clearer.

Why Me?

Senior physiotherpaist, Nick Syrett, says:

"I’ve been running recreationally for 20 years without much clear guidance regarding technique for most of those years. I’d run a few half marathons at a decent pace with little thought regarding my actual technique or cross training.

"I’ve played a variety of sports since childhood and continue to do so. But 20 years of full time physiotherapy in the musculoskeletal world, a couple of serious football related surgeries and a passion for exploring the hilly countryside of Britain with trail shoes has moulded my interest in the biomechanics of running.

"I believe that small changes can make big differences to a large population of amateur runners."

Package 1: Initial assessment incl video gait and movement analysis and correction- £65 (normally £80)* 60 mins. BOOK NOW >>

Package 2: As above plus a single follow up session (30-45mins) to check changes to biomechanics and running technique. Incl 2nd video session. £85 (normally £105)*

Package 3: As above plus running drills and tips to maintain gains in biomechanics and running technique involving initial assessment and x2 single follow up sessions (30-45 each) with video content. £100 (normally £150)*

Package 4: As above plus more time to progress and tweak the physical conditioning required to permit a more efficient technique. Combination of physical techniques, flexibility drills and 

strength work. Will include multiple video sessions of running technique. Incl Initial assessment plus x5 follow up single sessions (30-45 mins each) with video. £160 (normally £200)*

*Any additional single sessions purchased outside of a package will be charged at the usual rate of £40.