During the Covid-19 pandemic we continue to provide GP home visits, clinic & video appointments and coronavirus testing. Book online.

Doctorcall provides Coronavirus Covid-19 testing. Please book an appointment in one of our clinics or request a home visit within our areas of cover.

We offer Covid-19 Coronavirus testing using both the Abbott and Roche platforms.

All results are available within 48-hours.

We can provide Covid testing for business travellers who are due to fly.

Additionally, we can provide home sampling kits for Covid-19 infection.


Covid-19 Testing

Public Health England Abbott Roche Coronavirus Covid-19 Home Testing Kits

We offer clinic appointments for antibody and antigen testing in both London and Manchester.

In London, one of our doctors can visit you in your home to test for antibodies or to take a swab for the virus itself.

1. Doctor Home Visits

In London, we can arrange for a doctor to visit you at home, or a place that suits you, to carry out Covid-19 tests. The doctor can usually be with you in around 90 minutes.

To arrange for a doctors visit for Covid-19 testing, please call us on 0344 257 0345.  Please note we can provide both antibody testing and viral testing at home, the latter will show if you do or don't currently have the virus.

We can see patients that are symptomatic or in at-risk groups.

You will pay for the doctor call-out fee plus £157 for a PCR swab test or £87 for an antibody test. For the call-out fee, please get a price in your area by clicking Book Online below.

To arrange for a UK-based GMC registered doctor to visit you, please call 0344 257 0345, or book online:

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2. Clinic Appointments

Our clinics in London and Manchester remain open and you can book an appointment online for Covid-19 antibody testing or for any GP matter.


Covid-19 Infection Test - PCR Swab Test

Laboratory testing. For confirmation and a certificate to show that you do not currently have the virus, you can get a swab test with results available with 48-hours. Get a price online:

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Please note, we cannot see people who have symptoms of Covid-19 in our clinics.


Covid-19 Antigen Test - Instant test

Instant Covid-19 antigen tests are available with results available in around 15-minutes. We can provide a certificate at the time of your appointment.

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Please note, some countries will not accept this certificate for entry and you should check this before booking an appointment. Unfortunately, we cannot do this for you.


Covid-19 Antibody Test - Laboratory Analysed

We can carry out Covid-19 IgG antibody tests, where your blood sample will be analysed in our lab. 100% sensitivity and results are available within 48-hours. Get a price online:

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3. Covid-19 Home Sampling Kit


Coronavirus Covid-19 Home Test Kit Swab

Swab Home Sample Kit

This is the "do I currently have the virus?" test.

For those with suspected Covid-19 symptoms, take your own swab and return it in the prepaid packet which fits in a normal letter box.

Your result is usually available within 2 to 3 days from your sample arriving at the lab and is delivered to you by SMS text.

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Antibody Home Sample Kit

Coronavirus Covid-19 Antibody Home Test Kit SwabThis is the "have I had the virus and now have antibodies" test.

For anyone who thinks they may have had the virus, take your own sample and return it in the prepaid packet which fits in a normal letter box.

Your result is usually available within 2 to 3 days from your sample arriving at the lab and is delivered to you by SMS text.

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What We Are Doing To Protect You

We are working hard to keep all our customers and patients safe during this time.

  • We use 70% alcohol to clean equipment and maintain hygiene.
  • ​Our medical team are fully equipped with the required PPE which is changed between cases.
  • We also provide our doctors and clinical team with Covid-19 antibody tests.
  • We have detailed biosecurity measures in place.



Important Information

TURNAROUND: How long does it take to get the results?

For samples tested in the lab, test results and certificates are provided within 48 hours when you see one of our team in clinic or on a home visit.

For the instant tests, results should be available in about 15-minutes.

In the case of postal tests, the result is available within 48 hours of your sample arriving at the lab.  We despatch your kit by the next working day using a next-day tracked courier service and you are given tracking details.  We provide a reply-paid Royal Mail first class envelope or you can deliver or courier you sample to the lab which is in central London.  You should allow one to two working days to receive your kit, one to two days if you post it back and two days for the lab to process the sample.   We can only provide certificates where we have seen you to verify your identity but we still provide a laboratory result in all cases.


It is the nature of medical tests that a small number are affected by technical issues and we cannot be held responsible in the event of any delays or requirements to re-test.  Every effort is made to minimise inconvenience to you and only a very small minority of tests are affected. 


Test results for travel to BarbadosJersey and Hong Kong may take up to 72 hours. 

Where can I have the test?

We have clinics in Manchester and London.  We also have a Visiting Doctor Service in London.

Do I get a certificate?

We provide a copy of the laboratory results and a physician-signed certificate on letterheaded paper stating the name of the test, the accredited laboratory and the result.  You will need to bring photographic ID to show at your appointment.

Certificates are not available for home sampling kits.

Can I get my results over the weekend?

Yes we have staff working from 8am-4pm on the weekend who will be able to provide results and certificates on request.  Routine ones will be automatically sent out on the Monday.

Can I come for a test if I have been asked to quarantine?

No, unfortunately you must not leave home to attend a clinic if you have been asked to self-isolate or quarantine.  You should also not attend a clinic if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has.  However if you live in the London area you can have a doctor to carry out the test at home.

How can I book?

To book for an individual, the easiest way is to book online.  To book for a large group, please contact is on 0344 257 0345 or email admin@doctorcall.co.uk.

Can children have a PCR swab test?

Yes, we can test children, although younger children may find the test a little distressing.

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