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Meningitis B Vaccinations - Bexsero

Vaccines for children now available

Meningitis B vaccinations are now available from Doctorcall in both our London and Manchester.

We have worked with the manufacturer to obtain the vaccine, known as Bexsero, which provides adequate protection against the bacteria which can cause life-threatening meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning).

Meningitis B vaccination

Getting vaccinated is important, especially for infants and children over two months of age. Each year, around 1,200 people in the UK get meningitis caused by the Meningococcal group B bacteria, and most of these are children and infants. Tragically, around 10% of those who get meningitis this way will die from it and many of those who survive will suffer debilitating, permanent disabilities, including brain damage, epilepsy or loss of limbs.

Meningitis B vaccination London and Manchester.

To book your appointment, call us on 0844 257 0346.

The number of doses required is three for infants and two for children and adults. As a general precaution, we do not recommend receiving the meningitis jab during pregnancy or while breastfeeding unless you are at special risk of meningitis.

A vaccination against other strains of bacterial meningitis is already available, but it is only recently that one for the B strain has been made available. Doctorcall can also vaccinate against other strains of bacterial meningitis (A, C, W and Y).

Book an appointment for a Meningitis B vaccination in our London or Manchester clinic today. Consultation fee's may apply.

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