Saxenda Weight Loss Medicine

Saxenda is a medicine that can help some adults lose weight and keep it off.

Benefits of Saxenda

People who may have lost weight once or many times in the past often find it difficult to keep the weight off. Saxenda is a medicine that can help you keep weight off.

Results from a medical study showed significant weight loss

Along with a low-calorie diet and increased activity, some people in a medical study lost nearly two and a half times more weight with Saxenda versus placebo (17.3 lb vs 7 lb).

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How Saxenda Works

Saxenda works like a hormone the body produces naturally that regulates appetite, known as glucagon-like-peptide.

By regulating appetite, Saxenda may make you feel less hungry, which can lead to lower calorie intake and weight loss. Saxenda can help you to not only lose weight, but keep it off as well.

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