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STI Testing London

Our London STI clinic is located on Harley Street, W1, and offers same-day appointments (including Saturdays).

We can test for the most common sexually transmitted infections and can offer rapid results.

because we're a private London STI testing clinic, we can guarantee your discretion and privacy. There's no need to give your real name and you don't have to inform your GP.

Book an Appointment online

Book an appointment online for a time that suits you in just a few easy steps.

Sexual Health Screening

As a dispensing STI testing clinic we carry medication, which means you often won't have to go to a pharmacy before starting treatment.

Our state of the art STI testing clinic in London means you can get tested for STIs privately, discretely and quickly all at a convenient location.

Regular sexual health screening is important as STIs, are common and can be easily passed on.

It's important to regularly get tested to ensure any infection present is treated, but also to avoid passing STIs on to your partner. This is especially important if you have a regular partner as there is a risk that you'll continue to pass the infection back and forth to each other.

To get an STI test in london, you can book an appointment over the phone or by entering your details at the top-right of this page.

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