Your Hepatitis B Test Result Is Positive

This is a generally indicates that you have been infected with Hepatitis B at some point in the past, and that the virus is still present in your body.

Further blood tests are required to determine if the virus is circulating in your bloodstream or if your immune system has managed to suppress the virus and keep it mainly in your liver.

Individuals who have actively replicating hepatitis B virus and detectable virus in the blood are quite infectious to others through sexual or regular, close, personal contact and treatment generally recommended.

Effective treatment with antiviral drugs is available for those people who have an active Hepatitis B virus infection. Please either make an appointment for follow up some additional blood tests and for referral to your local liver unit or infectious diseases unit.

Testing for your family and / or members of your household is also offered where appropriate.

If you prefer to be treated privately, the doctors in our London or Manchester clinics can carry out the additional testing.

If required we can then arrange for you to be seen by a Liver Specialist privately.

Please get in touch with us if you have any additional questions about your result.