Your Herpes Virus Test Result Is Positive

This means that you have been infected with HSV at some point in the past and that you were shedding HSV from the genital tract at the time you collected your urine sample.

Our test for HSV is very accurate and false positive results are therefore unlikely. The test cannot tell us when you acquired the infection.

In most cases, following acquisition of infection with HSV, the immune system successfully suppresses the virus and during those periods you will be symptom free and minimally infectious to others.

At other times the virus reactivates, for example when the immune system is weakened by stress or infection.

Once reactivated the virus travels to the surface of the skin where it is shed into the vagina or bladder or from the skin itself.  It is at these times of viral shedding when one is infectious to others. It is at these times also when you may experience symptoms such as outbreaks of blisters or pain when peeing.

The frequency with which viral shedding occurs, and consequently the risk of passing the infection onto a sexual partner, varies greatly between individuals.

Viral shedding is generally more frequent in the first six months after initial infection and in those people who have more than 6 outbreaks of blisters per year.

Viral shedding can be reduced with antiviral medication such as acyclovir or valacyclovir. This is called HSV viral suppression treatment and it can be effective in suppressing symptoms and perhaps reducing the risk of transmission to a sexual partner.

If you would like advice about these treatments or about your test result in general please get in touch.