Your HIV Test Result Is Clear

An HIV clear result means you do not have HIV according to the test that you had. 

The HIV virus is carried in blood and body fluids.  It is not caught by spillage of body fluids onto intact skin but can be contracted through cuts or through the cornea.  Condoms provide a good level of protection against HIV so long as they are used correctly and are not damaged.

  • You have had the standard test for antibodies which are the response your body produces if it is infected.  This is the most reliable test for HIV but the period of three months after exposure is known as the window during which an antibody test could be negative even in someone who has contracted HIV.
  • Additionally, you have been tested for the P24 antigen which is carried by the virus itself.  This reduces the window to 28 days.                                                                                                                                                 

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