Your Ureaplasma Test Result Is Positive

This means that Ureaplasma was detected in your urine.

The test is very accurate and false positive results are therefore unlikely.

Whether Ureaplasma is actually harmful to you and your partner is a matter of controversy and debate.

Ureaplasma is often found in the healthy vagina and generally does not seem to cause any problems. For that reason most sexual health experts would not recommend routinely treating it if it was found simply on routine testing and in the absence of symptoms.

However Ureaplasma has been shown to cause disease in a small proportion of male and female carriers (for example inflammation of the urethra in men and cervix in women) and some but not all studies have implicated this bacteria as a cause of reduced fertility and miscarriage.

If you do choose to take treatment to eradicate Ureaplasma it is very important that both you and your sexual partner receive treatment, ideally at the same time, to ensure that you do not re-infect each other.

Treatment typically involves a 2 week course of the antibiotic doxycycline. A test of cure is generally recommended afterward because eradication rates are not 100%.

Conception should be delayed for at least 1 week after completing a course of doxycycline.