Skype Video Consultations with Private Doctors

If you would like to speak to one of our doctors while at home, in the office or while staying at a hotel, you can arrange for a private video consultation via Skype.

How our service works

  1. Choose your preferred date.

  2. Fill out a short form, detailing your condition.

  3. Receive advice and information from one of our doctors.

Video consultations are easy to arrange and offer a convenient and cost effective alternative to seeing a private doctor in a clinic.

Appointments can be booked quickly by telephone, email or by using the tool 'Book An Appointment' at the top of this page. Patient details and payment are taken at the time of booking, together with your contact information for making the telephone call or Skype video call.

All of our doctors are based in the UK and are registered with the General Medical Council and we're regulated by the Care Quality Commssion.

We operate to the highest standards of care and are ready to assist you in a private and 100% discrete way.

Chat with a UK based doctor

If you require medical attention, depending on your circumstances, we can arrange to come and visit you or arrange for an appointment in a clinic.

How it works

Depending on the outcome of the consultation we may be able to provide you a prescription. The doctor also can arrange for medication and for tests as appropriate using our own home-testing service.

Our doctor can call you by telephone or connect via Skype video link, depending on your preference, at the appointed time.

Speaking to a private doctor by telephone or via your webcam is a convenient way to discuss your health concerns in privacy and comfort. Short-notice and same-day appointments are often available.

The Doctorcall telephone and Skype consultation service can also be used when you are abroad, and is ideal for expats and those overseas for work or leisure.

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